Embassy Edge Price

Embassy Edge

Embassy Edge is a prelaunch residential venture from Embassy Group. This development is located at Devanahalli and stretches over a mammoth 288 acres of land area. It offers 3000 luxury apartments with far-reaching green blanket surrounding the residential structure. This gated-community housing layout features 1, 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK of 150 townhouses residential apartments.

A 300 acre, meticulously planned, self-sustaining city designed to factor future growth amidst blissful living. Well researched sizing for plots (2100-5400 sft.)

Embassy Edge – with ample space between each villa for privacy. Well planned infrastructure for power, water & essentials to ensure stress-free living.Wide network of tree lined roads with countless themed & connected 1-3 acre gardens. 45 acres of green space devoted to parks, cycling paths and walk ways.150,000 sft. club equipped to cater to recreational, health, business and engagement needs of children.Leading hospital within the premises so that emergencies can be attended to immediately.Leading school within the premises to minimise travelling time and maximise play time.

When you’re building a city, you don’t plan for years but decades ahead.That’s the guiding principle behind the design of Embassy Edge.Whether it is rain water harvesting, or the blueprint for a network of roads that will accommodate future needs, or a sensibility that tucks away all cables and wires underground, everything has been provided for. From security to waste management, from sporting facilities to places of worship within the premises, from parks and lakes to shopping and night

Keeping in line with the idea of integrating urban living with the beauty and serenity of nature, the allotment of more space for green cover across the entire city helps in enhancing the micro-climate for the residents as well as flora and fauna. The increased green ratio promises more moisture retention in the atmosphere, which in turn guarantees a clean and green environment.

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